Perforated Matting

Separation Layers for Riding Arena Construction

Perforated matting is safe and sturdy and, in conjunction with the footing layer, provides an optimum surface for horses.

It is highly slip proof and water permeable. On the upper surface of the perforated matting, the evenly spread knobs and slightly lower dimples (which serve as water reservoirs, among other things) help to ensure a firm connection between the matting and the footing layer. 

When installed on an external plot with a gradient of 0.5 - 1.5%, the many perforations in the matting guarantee a rapid rain water run off directly below the matting. A gutter is installed at the lower edge of the incline to catch and channel the rain run-off.

The web and groove structure on the underside of the matting allows excess rain water to drain off without hindrance either vertically or horizontally, so that outdoor riding arenas dry off quickly even after sustained downpours. There is absolutely no need for water to accumulate under footing layer. Instead, the excess water runs off below the matting towards the drainage channel.

Due to their material properties, both the outdoor and indoor perforated matting, which is made of recycled plastic, are extremely elastic and shock absorbing. The horses' foot-strikes are better cushioned which protects their joints and tendons. In addition, both horse and rider cut a better figure in dressage events, as the springy ground lends horses a more elegant and even gait.

Simple Installation of the Separation Layer Matting

The separating layer matting is easy to install. The installation base can consist of gravel, crushed stone or even just a solid natural surface.

A footing layer of high-quality sand, ideally combined with innoReit-tex® chaff-fibre-geotextiles, is installed to a depth of around 8cm on top of the perforated matting. The water-retention dimples in the perforated matting can also be filled with sand if a coarser grade of 1.0 - 1.5cm.

Our perforated matting is used for outdoor arenas (show jumping and dressage), whilst our all-round matting with its flat surface structure is used, among other things, for western-style arenas, paddocks, and horse-walking circuits or else simply as washable/reusable surface matting for outdoor and indoor equestrian events.

Our 'perforated' matting is also available as indoor matting without perforations, but with the water storage dimples.

Technical data

  • Length: 1200 mm
  • Width: 830 mm
  • Height: 40 mm
  • Weight: c. 21 kg Colour: grey / black
  • Material: 100% elastic PVC material, residue free with certificate
  • Area of coverage: c. 1 m² per mat

Areas of Application

Outdoor riding arenas, paddocks (show jumping and dressage) Indoor riding arenas (no perforations, but with reservoir dimples) 
Benefits at a Glance:

  • Water reservoir perforated dimples 
  • Highly effective, hydro-porous perforations on the upper surface (outdoor perforated matting version)
  • Rapid water dispersal, either horizontally or vertically
  • Highly elastic and shock absorbing
  • No costly substructure required
  • Stable installation on either gravel foundations or compacted natural surfaces

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