Separation Layer Textiles

Separation Layers for Riding Arena Construction

innoReit-tex ® separation layer gauze is a highly shear-resistant polypropylene splice-yarn textile that has been used successfully in equestrian arena construction for the past 10 years. Chaff-based materials should not be used in separation layers, as they are prone to extreme expansion, which can create dangerous trip hazards. By contrast, innoReit-tex ® is particularly expansion resistant.

Due to its special structural properties, water can flow through it faster than through chaff felting and, of course, faster than through a sand layer, which prevents water logging. The type of colmation commonly experienced with chaff-based materials is not possible.  

In accordance with your specifications, the fabric sheeting is prefabricated in the factory to match the size of the riding arena (up to around 2000 m²), traction stitched and folded for easy unrolling. Very few workers are required to unfold and install the sheets. Around 900 m² are produced for an arena of 20 x 40m.

innoReit- tex Naturfasern aus Jute

Der biologische Zuschlagstoff der sich erst nach vielen Jahren langsam abbaut.

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Die innoReit-tex® Bio-Natur-Faser wird  zur Tretschicht-Stabilisierung eingesetzt, optimal auch einsetzbar in Kombination mit innoReit-tex® Natur-Faser-Vlieshäcksel . 
Die PLA-Faser aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen, ist langlebig aber biologisch…

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sand layer

Here you can find our current broschure

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riding surface

Does the riding surface show deficiencies and what has to be regarded with an optimal riding surface?

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