The perfect rubber flooring for you and your animals.

Our rubber flooring not only looks good, but also helps you to save money and reduce the unwanted odours and bacteria from your stables and kennels.

Our system is wall to wall, and completely waterproof. It can be laid with slope if required, to allow liquids and urine to run off naturally, to prevent your animals standing in damp and harmful conditions.

It can be laid on concrete or asphalt, even if it has holes or is uneven, and comes in several thicknesses, depending on the way that you wish to use it. The top surface can be made smooth or rough as required, and also in several different colours. It can also be used outside for walkers or walkways. We have several systems in which we can reinforce the top surface for extra demanding conditions or increase the resistance of abrasion through additives.

How does it save you money?

  • Through the use of less bedding
  • Quicker cleaning times for you and your staff, therefore less wage costs.
  • Less bedding means not only reduced daily costs, but also less disposal costs.
  • No stagnant urine and water, means no bacteria and so less vets costs
  • No more large work force actions of removing and relaying the mats.

Our rubber flooring gets fixed onto the base of the stable or kennel, and doesn’t slip around like normal mats. The sealing on the walls can be raised up to form a protective layer if required.

Stables and Kennels are becoming a very big part of our daily work and we have designed a product to suit your needs. It is loved by the horses and dogs, due to its warm and soft nature and also by the owners, due to the ease of cleaning. It is also very scratch resistant, nearly indestructible and can take temperatures from – 50 degree up to over 100 degree.

The flooring system includes 6 different ingredients. One of it is crumbed rubber, special chemicals as well as liquid rubber which comes on top of the crumbed rubber base. After the crumbed rubber has been glued down to the hard core base it has to dry for several hours before it can be sprayed with our special superior material. Ones the area has been sprayed you will have a completely sealed and perfect and surface you want.

We now give a 4 year warranty. An extended warranty can be granted after an inspection from us at a fixed price per square metre. In this inspection, the area will be repaired if necessary and a further 4 years warranty will be given in writing. Only if wanted

Should you wish for more information about our product, please call us or write a mail. Our friendly staff will advise you about your project.

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