innoReit-Tex® Non-woven Fabric Chaff

The use of our innoReit-tex® products in arena footings provides an optimum combination of stability and load-bearing properties, which tangibly improve the impact absorption comfort for horse and rider. This constitutes a profitable investment not least because of the extended life-span of the arena surface.

Arena Upgrades or Recompilation

innoReit-tex® non-woven chaff is, therefore, ideal for both the construction of new, and the restoration of existing, riding arenas (for dressage and show jumping) as well as for outdoor yards, paddocks, lungeing circuits or indoor riding hall surfaces. We supply only the highest-quality, certified material comprised of synthetic fibres, such as polyester and polypropylene. These materials are 'new goods' originating as chaff-production by-products.

Our polyester-based innoReit-tex® non-woven chaff is also available in combination with special sand fibres. The combination ratio (i.e. the percentage of fibres included in the non-woven chaff aggregate) is determined on the basis either of the customer specification (e.g. for dressage, show jumping or daily training purposes) or our own arena footing analysis.

The material is supplied in the form of compacted bales on non-returnable pallets.

The quantity requirement is approximately 2.0 – 3.5 kg per m² of sand footing. The optimum mix ratio (for training, show-jumping, or dressage) is determined in advance through analysis.

As of now, we can also supply you with our newest organic non-woven chaff product, which consists of 100% natural fibres, at a surface coverage volume of c. 1.5 kg per m²

Benefits at a Glance:
  • Effective compensation for surfaces that are either too loose or too compacted
  • Improved tread resistance and elasticity
  • Increased impact absorption comfort of the footing with high slip and shear resistance - protects the horse's tendons and joints
  • Decreased dust formation under dry conditions
  • Improves moisture absorption and retention
  • Footing more frost resistant 
  • Counteracts mould formation
  • Groundwater neutral
  • Highly environmentally friendly - poses no hazards to flora and fauna
  • Extremely resistant to acid, microbes and UV radiation
  • Long-lasting due to the lack of the decomposition process undergone by wood chips
  • Recyclable, not waste requiring special supervision (or hazardous waste)
  • Certified quality to a high German standard

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