Ebb and flow system

The Ebb and Flow riding arena regulate the humidity of your riding ground, so that the riding ground can be customized onto the respective requirements.

ArenaWet™ - irrigation systems for riding arenas

The two version, innovative and patented irrigation form for your riding arena.

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AquaFlow - the new ground irrigation in equestrian sport

AquaFlow is a new evolved underfloor irrigation system for riding arenas - with integrated underground water-tank.

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The Construction

The High and Low Tide arena system is constructed on natural level soil A specially welded liner establishes a watertight basin on which the drainage pipe system is set up and connected to the computerized regulating reservoir outside the riding arena. The system is covered with a customized, high capillary silica sand blend. For additional spring, a special blend of innoReit-tex ®polyester felt and fibers is mixed into the very top surface.

The Benefits

  • The arena stays equally moist, permanently elastic without dust problems
  • The subterranean irrigation system eliminates the need for undependable sprinklers
  • Reduces level of hoof marks
  • Excess rainwater is absorbed by the pump system.

The System

The surface receives its constant basic moisture and its elasticity by the capillary effect of the sand. The sand draws moisture from the lower layer of sand into the top layer. Sensors maintain the desired moisture content so thatunreliable sprinklers become unnecessary. Your arena will have equal moisture at every inch to create an ideal footing. You effortlessly choose the water content by the turn of a dial. With a higher level of moisture under the top layer, the riding surface becomes firmer for Jumpers and carriage drivers. With lower water saturation under the top layer, The riding surface becomes more pliable for the dressage horse. It is that simple to have an arena designed for convenience an optimal performance.

innoReit- tex Naturfasern aus Jute

Der biologische Zuschlagstoff der sich erst nach vielen Jahren langsam abbaut.

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Die innoReit-tex® Bio-Natur-Faser wird  zur Tretschicht-Stabilisierung eingesetzt, optimal auch einsetzbar in Kombination mit innoReit-tex® Natur-Faser-Vlieshäcksel . 
Die PLA-Faser aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen, ist langlebig aber biologisch…

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sand layer

Here you can find our current broschure

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riding surface

Does the riding surface show deficiencies and what has to be regarded with an optimal riding surface?

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