Pure Textile Surface

innoReit-Tex® - Flexground

innoReit-Tex® - Flexground full textile flooring as synthetic riding surface and tread layer Special offer winter - full textile flooring incl. delivery at special conditions

Tufting material from the automotive sector for the construction of full textile flooring on a gravel base layer or also as a covering in horse walkers, lunging circles, round pens. We supply chopped carpet shreds, because these products interlock more easily to form an elastic tread surface!

only available for a limited time: inexpensive felt chaff beige-grey, cut, pressed into bales - ideal for bedding.

The material from the automotive production, among others for well-known German car manufacturers, is mechanically processed, chopped, torn, then pressed into bales and packed in protective foil .

    also ideal for refilling/improving existing riding surfaces with textile, synthetic coverings
    Packed and delivered in bales by lorry, if necessary as loose bulk in push lorries.
    tested quality
    no foam and/or hard synthetic components
    no puddle formation - no freezing in winter
    available all year round
    immediately available
    Packaging and delivery : packed in bales of 500 kg on one-way pallets up to 1,000-1.200 kg

  • Also ideal for refilling or refurbishing existing riding surfaces with textiles and/or synthetic covering materials
  • Cost-effective delivery in bales by truck - we also offer turn-key builds
  • No foam and/or hard plastic components
  • No puddling - no winter freezing
  • Can be produced all year round
  • Can be supplied without delay

Packaging and delivery:  in bales of 500 -600kg each

Example of outdoor compilation:

  1.  Create the arena plot built on solid ground with a 1-1.5% gradient
  2. Create the bearing layer using a mineral aggregate (gravel, recycling gravel) 0-45mm, 0-32 or thereabouts - to a depth of 15-20cm
  3. Vibrate and loosen the surface using a vibrating roller
  4. Spread the Flexground chaff
  5. Secure the optional riding arena border surrounds

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